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Our Story

The Hobson family established A Gentle Touch Funerals in 1997. Their vision was to not only to provide a funeral service that was deserving of the individual, but to always remain progressive. As time moves on, so do the needs and desires of families. We have always been one step ahead to accommodate our clients. We are the instrumental factor in establishing a Green Cemetery on the Gold Coast, a first for Queensland. This will satisfy the needs of the environmentally conscious.

We designed and built a fully functional funeral home and chapel right in the heart of Mudgeeraba. This has never been achieved anywhere on the Coast in a commercial/retail precinct. It Achieves a dream to provide families with the very best of care at a time when they are most vulnerable.

We have introduced another first by designing and building a hearse to embrace new approaches and philosophies in our ever changing profession. The RollsRoyce hearse we have created, is the ultimate in the requirements for those who want the very best of refinements in the mode of transport for their loved one. This hearse not only reflects the individual appreciation of such a vehicle but will add that extra touch to an everlasting memory.

Another new and exciting change in coffins is the introduction of the Expression Coffin Range. This is a complete new innovation in personalising a wonderfully different individual coffin. Mark Hobson, one of the Directors of A Gentle Touch, is a key player in the design and creation of this exciting new range. Over the years, we have found that the availability of quality funeral care is central to the well being of the community. Our challenge is to ensure the core values of funeral service continue to meet the changing needs of society. In our company, we hand choose our staff. They are members who understand the individual needs of the community. Everyone is an individual, so why shouldn’t a funeral service reflect the individual taste ? Our team is passionate in providing these needs with the utmost care to detail.

 A Gentle Touch is Mudgeeraba’s only funeral company. It is important that we are able to accommodate local families. A large number of these are of pioneering heritage, so special attention is provided to recognise the important roll their families have contributed to the district. 

 Being Mudgeeraba based, does not restrict us to our district. We also specialize in repatriation, sending people interstate and overseas supporting families world wide. We are also the preferredfuneral director for the Moreton Bay Islands, caring for their residents and in particular the indigenous communities. Under the banner of Pacific Family Funerals, we also Preserve the Cultural Integrity of the Great Hawaiki Nations.