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Bushland Funerals

With the world focus on saving energy and looking for ways to improve our greenhouse emissions, eco friendly funerals have gathered momentum in Australia.

In our region we now have two “green” cemeteries to choose from, both following the same guidelines adhering to the regulations required to protect the environment. Northern NSW has the Lismore “green” cemetery whilst on the Gold Coast we have the Alberton “green” cemetery; this is an existing cemetery at the northern end of the Gold Coast just off the Brisbane corridor.

The difference with a “green” burial as opposed to a standard type, is that only one person can be interred in the grave, usually at a shallower depth than normal and no grave markers or plaques are allowed. An eco friendly coffin is required not only to satisfy the family's request but also the Shire Council in question.

Our thorough investigations into eco friendly coffins have revealed a suitable range of products. These range from cardboard, plantation pine, eco burial pods and the popular imported willow/wicker products. All of these coffins are teamed with eco friendly components ensuring that the final footprint is required for this type of internment.