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Choosing a Coffin or Casket


The most frequently asked question is”What is the difference between a coffin and casket”?

There is a vast difference between the two, firstly their shape. A coffin is a traditional body shape, tapering at the head and foot end, remaining larger at the shoulder point. A casket is rectangular in appearance remaining a constant size the entire length of the product.


Coffins are manufacturing mostly from (MDF) Medium Density Fibreboard.

This product is a cost effective material that has many qualities and is a versatile product for many applications in coffin manufacturer. Various finishes are applied to the outside surface to create a visually pleasing appearance giving the look of a more expensive article. Chosen mostly for cremation, many designs and finishes can be achieved giving more choices to the customer. The surface is a suitable substitute for the application of vinyl paper, transfer foils or natural timber veneers.

Coffins are also manufactured in a number of solid timbers, the majority being plantation radiata pine, cedar and camphor laurel. These coffins are hand made creating a much more appreciative design and quality workmanship; they can be used for cremation purposes as well as burial. Most families will choose a solid timber for burial over an MDF for their longer lasting qualities.


Caskets are exquisitely handmade by dedicated craftsmen, from the finest hand selected timbers, complimented with a furniture finish giving them an elegant appearance.

The highest quality draperies are also used and upholstered in the most fastidious way along with quality fittings you would expect in this premium range. Caskets also have a hinged lid fully upholstered making them the perfect choice for viewing purposes. Selected mostly for burials, but also chosen for cremation when families prefer the casket shape compared to the coffin aspect.